Requirements and installation guide


This guide is under construction and the material will be soon linked and completed properly.


The following table (TODO) summarizes the requirements of the main parts of Orocos depending on the operating system where it will run.

Component Linux Linux-RTOS (preempted) Xenomai Mac OS X Windows

Installation options

Orocos libraries can be installed in multiple ways, depending on your system and the components required.


The easiest way to get Orocos running in a GNU/Linux server is installing the software via pre-compiled packages. There are two main options:

  • ROS debian packages: Debian packages are distributed within the ROS ecosystem. packages are available for Ubuntu. The metapackage ros-<distro>-rtt-ros-integration will make sure that all the depending software gets installed.
  • Docker: Docker images with Orocos preinstalled are distributed.

From source

For the users that want to run Orocos in a different system or need a specific set of components, the installation can be done from sources. There are three main methods to build and install Orocos.

Installation references

The following table (TODO) provides references to guides on how to install some different parts of Orocos in the supported operating systems.

Component Linux Linux-RTOS (preempted) Xenomai Mac OS X Windows